Over the past 21 years we have had the joy of raising 7
generations of healthy Havanese in our home on Lake
Gaston, N.C.

In 1997 we were introduced to the Havanese breed and fell
in love! Our first Havanese and the foundation bitch of
Starborn Havanese was S.S. Twinkle Little Star....and what
a star she was!! She has put her mark on each generation
that has come after her.....

Twinkle's Mom was the yearly high point champion with a
"Best in Show" in Rare Breeds for two years just before the
breed was recognized, and added to the toy group of the
American Kennel Club.  We wanted to start with the best
example of the breed we could find to start our breeding
program, and we found that in Twinkle.

Since that time it has always been our goal and passion to
breed the healthiest, happiest, best structural examples of
the Havanese Breed Standard that we possibly could.  
Coming from a horse background, structure and movement
has always been a top priority.  It also led me to the
rewarding job of serving on the Judges Education
Committee for the Havanese Club of America for seven
years.  That's when I really spent time studying structure
and how it effects movement in the Havanese.  There is
nothing more delightful than a happy, correctly built
Havanese in motion!  You will notice that we show soaped
pictures on each of our breeding dogs pages.  This is to
show that they have straight legs with no evidence of
chondrodysplasia, a condition in some Havanese that
cause crooked legs, dwarfism, and a host of related health
problems.  You should always question the structure of your
puppies parents. The legs should be straight and the
proportions should be as described in the Havanese breed

My interest these days is in Positive training methods and
dog behavior. This breed is so smart and adaptable that
they can be taught to do almost anything!  Besides being
the perfect companion they make wonderful therapy,
obedience, rally and agility dogs.  You are really missing
out if you don't spend some one on one time training with
your dog! Here at Starborn we have developed a unique
method of raising, socializing, and training our puppies.  
From litter box training at 3 weeks to sleeping in a crate at 9
weeks. They go through planned stages of interaction with
their environment and learn problem solving skills.  Take a
look at our puppy preschool page and the videos on
youtube for some examples.

We guarantee the health of all of our pups, and we are
always available as a guide and resource for the life of your

We welcome visits!

Please feel free to call or email any time.

phone      252-532-0256 (Pam)

Tom is also a restorer of historic houses.....
For a good discussion on anything
Havanese.....visit the Havanese forum.
S.S. Twinkle Little Star
1997 - 2014
just shy of her 18th
rest in Peace sweet
girl.....your memory
lives on in your
Pam and Tom King - Lake Gaston, NC
A Twinkle son  
Starborn Black Tie Affair